Zoe Lin
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A short story about “A Day in a Life of a forced workaholic”

PRIME NUMBER 'A Day in a Life of a Forced Workaholic'

Short Film + Art Direction + Story + Illustration


Goodbye Lullaby. Welcome to Utopia.



It is hour 23:29.
With only 1 minute left, Number 17 takes a last drag of his cigarette in his studio apartment. He then proceeds on his daily journey to work through the city. Every day he meets the telephone pole on 2nd Street, he remembers to stop and wait for the traffic light and uses the 13 seconds to think about ‘her.’

His trip to the city center takes about 1 hour and 47 minutes. The number of people commuting never eases during this period. During the subway ride, he wonders where he might go on that weekend in Month 11 when he will finally get 2 days off. 7 stations pass on board the Grey Line. He weaves through the crowd to exit the train.

Doors open. ‘Welcome, Pioneers of the New Generation’ 


Prime Number

 A natural number that is greater than one and has no divisors other than 1 and itself.

Prime numbers exist uniquely as individuals yet they fall into a sequence along with other numbers.
They are accustomed to solitude and structure, since many divisible numbers are padded in between them.
The divisor '1' represents the individual at its core- a reflection of your true self.
To each of us, we believe we are prime numbers in the chase to find out who we are and what we can do, in ways we can't quite grasp.

I thought it would be interesting to play with this common denominator between us, as we embark on these parallel paths that are unique on their own.
We may meet, we may not meet, we may not meet again.



this story is inspired by my friend Erin's life in HK