Zoe Lin
Art Direction | Design | Motion

Better Tomorrow

Google Spotlight Series "Better Tomorrow"

Google Spotlight Series
"Better Tomorrow"

Art Direction + Style Frames Design + Illustration + VR



Through the Google Spotlight Series, we created an immersive experience that highlights the issue of Air Pollution in cities. Today, many countries worldwide currently face dire pollution problems that heavily contribute to global warming. We wanted to address the issue in a subtle way using storytelling.

We wanted to present it as a possible reality for future generations and as something to be viewed and felt from an innocent perspective.



We were inspired to create a dystopia where the world submerged in smog was the state of normalcy. Inspired by an old photograph of his grandfather, a child decides to explore and search for an existing sky. Out of curiosity, he goes on a journey through the smog-filled city to an abandoned factory in the outskirts. He proceeds to scale the chimney of the factory only to find a beautiful sky that humankind may not have seen for several decades.




This is project is a joint effort between Zoe Lin, Alvin Malabanan alvinvm.com, JieYi Lee jieyilee.com, and Nathan Alicaway nro-a.design.

Character Design
Style Frame Design

Visual Development
Style Frame Design

Style Frame Design

VR Setup

It was so great seeing how everyone contributed equally in different ways to the making of each frame and seeing it all come together cohesively at the end!


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