Zoe Lin
Art Direction | Design | Motion


Hello! I'm Zoe!


Hello! I'm Zoe!

I’m a designer based in between Los Angeles and New York. I was born in Taipei (whoo!) and raised in Singapore, Taipei, and Seattle. Growing up in these cities, I’ve learned to find beauty from different angles.

I have always been fascinated by abstraction, and the ways it can simplify ideas in a poetic way. I enjoy exploring and using various techniques to communicate visually, whether it is graphic design, photography, illustration, 3D, or animation.

Design, to me, is a powerful tool to express individuality, enhance people’s lives, and organize chaos. In my works, I seek to bring vision into realization.


Clients + Studios

Brand New School
Sibling Rivalry
We Are Royale

Awards + Recognitions

Art of Styleframe ‘25 Women of Motion Design’
Mindsparkle Magazine ‘Site of The Day’
LA ADDYS Silver Award
Adobe Achievement Award
LA Cine Fest
ADC Young Ones Merit

Currently freelancing in New York

reach me at: zoejylin@gmail.com